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Are domains useful?

What can I do with a domain?

You can use it for personal reasons or business. If you own a business IT IS the most IMPORTANT part of you company. It's the cheapest part of your bussiness!

For personal it can be used for family, hobbies, sports, school events, for promotions bands, artists inventor, writers,ideas, blogs, resumes, photo gallerys etc...

Protect your family name or business name and add credibility. By registering a domain name it stops anyones else from using your company name or family name.


We are at a time where having a domain is very important. Can you afford to loose your company name or the name you want? for about .3 cents a day.

Your domain name is like having an ID, and good relevent domains names are getting harder to find every day. Just because it is available now does not mean someone will not snatch it tomorrow. so for a few pennys a day you can own your own domain.

It could be so people will remember. Plus dont forget the cool factor.

or how bad would it be... say if you were a photographer and people ask you if you had a web site. and the day you decide to get your domain... someone else got the name of your studio just days before, Now people are trying to find your studio and will now find theirs thinking it may be you. loss profits!

So get a domain name today! once you get one you will be happy you did!

Domain solutions

Is the name you want taken? Try some of these ideas: For example you wanted but it has been taken.
  • Try
  • or add something in the front
  • You can try other extentions like .net .tv. .co .info
  • Brain storm with friends over lunch
  • Go ahead and try and find a domain name its easy and fun to do!