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About Mediagunn hosting

We have been hosting our corporate client for over 11 years. We decided to open our server to the public as of May 2011 and to offer the same great service we offer out corporate clients.

Because of our experience working with mission critical corporate web sites since 1995 and dealing with each client personally we know what it takes to make people happy and keep sites up and running 24/7 365 days a year with 99.9% uptime!

We treat every client’s site as if it was our own. Once you host with us you will feel the difference and know we care about your site. Mediagunn has been around since 1993 working with the latest technology. We are dedicated to being the best web hosting company.

Our advantages

Our advantages We are not just a hosting company but we design and develope websites.. because of that we make sure our server have the latest technology, the fastest bandwith and that it is easy to to use for everyone.

We are flexible and don't have written in stone policys. so if you need something that is not listed just ask! if it is safe we will added it for you.

We don't put hundreds of users on one server.

Tell what you need in a server and will do the best to make it happen. update, plugin, extention etc.

Did i mention how fast we were? Click here to download a 10 meg file. and time it, Ready? missed it? fast huh?

This site is not separated from other clients it is on a shared server with our other clients websites.

If for some reason your site goes wacky you will not get shut down without you knowing like other hosting companys. You will get an email then a personal phone call to make you aware of whats going on. So you can take care of it.

Our standards

The only way to stay the best is be the best.
  • Always the lastest
    We will always have the latest version and update out there from mysql to php
  • No strings attached or hidden cost
    Every cost is up front and you will not get junk mail from us trying to sell you things you dont need or dont want.
  • we watch our server 24/7
    We have engineers watching our servers and reaady to jump on anything (nothing ever happens they are bored).
  • We are here to help you
    We are here to help you and answer your questions. Always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Even if it is... "what is the proper cooking temprature to cook a turkey?".