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How important is design for my website or Business?

How many times have you been to a really bad site? It can be a such a turn off! and people will never return again.

Your webite can be used for personal reasons or business. If you own a business your website just like your domain name IS THE most IMPORTANT part of your company. It's also the cheapest part of your bussiness!

Think about if you had to make A black and white brousure, catalogs, flyer or in color.. how much would that cost to design the layout? and the printing cost?
how a much would that cost per 1,000 flyer, catalog, tri fold brousure?
Don't forget to add the mailing cost.
Then you need to do over again when you run out of your printed Materials or the new season comes.

But what happens where the product that you were printing for that came in red now after you printed 50,000 flyers and you just mailed it out. The company decided they now only make it in green! Don't forget the cost of the mailing too!

Now look at the website you pay x amount every month for hosting and 10.99 for your domain yearly.
Now you can reach million an million of people every year. The red thing that no longer ships in red only in green no problem it take less than a minute to fix that!

Design is great but content is king! You can have a just text webpage and you still can get a billion people to come to your site. Just make sure it relavent and clear. Don't believe me? look at google, craigslist, it all depends on what your site is about.

About Web Page Design

There is no other form of advertising or promotion where you can reach billions of people with just one website! Where else can you archive this for as little as $4.99

The internet is a extramely powerful tool if you know how to use it. Once you have your own domain name, it's like having an ID, now you have to put a face to it.

So having a good looking site is very important on how people see you:
  • Your website should reflect your personality, your style or your company.
  • Your website does not have to to be complex or fancy to attrach people to it.
  • It should be clear, clean and have the information relevant to it.
  • It should be updated frequently to keep people coming back.
  • It should be easy to navigate and find things quickly without having to dig deep.
You can make your own website and there is plenty of infomation on the internet on how to make your first website.

You can also buy pre-made templates where you only have to make some small adjustments and add your own copy.

Please note, you will not make it to the top of google search page right off the bat. It takes time and knowledge on how to get there, but it can be done!

Design solutions

If you need some customized design for your website, we can do that for you! We can do anything from adding images/forms to your site to complex content management systems.

We do a lot of CMS, which stands for Content Manageent System. It is the back end of website which allows user with no html knowlege to change any part of their websites content, picture or video.

Most websites are done in html which means it's not easy to make changes to your website unless you know how to 'code' html.

That's where CMS comes in handy. Once the website is done with some basic instruction, you'll be in charge of your website and can start adding content.
  • CMS for personal to complex.
  • Custom Ecommerce shopping carts
  • We can design your logo or clean it up.
  • Picture albums, audio, video, blog we can set that up for you and more
  • We have been doing websites since 1994
  • We have designers and programmer to fit your needs.